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Timur's Corner

Timur Grigolyuk, the director of Polar Partners, Gazprom's new venture with Royal Dutch Shell, speaks about common day issues.

Timur on accidents

Accidents are not something any company enjoys, or relishes the thought of anything other than avoiding. However, it is also true that accidents are as inevitable as breath. There is only one way to fully avoid accidents, and that is to die. When you are dead, no accidents.

In an accident, a breakdown of an engineering device sets it to a failure condition; however, it may retain (in some cases) capability to work.

The more you share

Polar bears can be made safe into the distant future by being removed from dangerous conditions in far northern Arctic. We want to encourage bear adoption by any website visitors with the capacity to host a bear in their zoo or other enclosure. People should make sure to spread far and wide the availability information.

Gravity exploration

Did you know that the law of universal gravitation by Isaac Newton asserts that rocks having different densities make different changes to the gravity field? Rocks have specific and persistent density features, specific combinations of which make specific gravity fields. A gravity field is specified by the gravity force – the strength modulus of the gravity field and second derivation potentials of the gravity force. This is the basis for gravity exploration, a technique for natural gas discovery!

Share bear

People of Russia are encouraged to show world all possibilities that are made real through abundant energy found in the polar regions of Russia. Russia can be important nation, and Gazprom more important company, through these efforts.

Gazprom gas song

The recent Moby kerfuffle highlights that many musicians are very proud to be part of beneficent undertakings like ours. Gazprom gas is a good example; there will be more.


Gazprom delivers bear to Holland

Upon founding of Gazprom/Soyuz Polar Partnership

This partnership was established to celebrate the conjoining of Gazprom and Shell in the obtention in the Russian Arctic regions of the vast oil reserves located there. Congratulations to all on the Arctic!